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Enjoy a Mediterranean feel during your visit to cosmedic-Luzern

In the middle of Luzern, immerse yourself in the colors and aromas of the Mediterranean Sea and Provence. Let the enticing smells of verveine, mint, and lavender flowers take you south of the Swiss border. Cosmedic and medical treatments take place in treatment rooms located in the back.

You will exclusively be treated by certified and experienced personnel at cosmedic-luzern.


Wir bieten verschiedene Gesichtsbehandlungen an, immer nach vorgängiger Anamnese, Hautanalyse, Analyse der benutzten Kosmetika und Besprechung der jeweiligen sinnvollen Behandlung. 

Auch wenn Sie eine Behandlung Ihrer Wahl buchen, kann es sein, dass wir aufgrund Ihres Hautzustandes eine andere Behandlung vorschlagen.

Wenn Sie einmal nicht wissen was Sie buchen sollen, dann empfehlen wir Ihnen "Zeit für mich" zu wählen. Sollten Sie in unserem Online Buchungsprogramm keinen Termin mehr finden, bitten wir Sie, sich mit uns telefonisch oder per Email in Verbindung zu setzen, oftmals können wir den einen oder andern Termin schieben oder länger arbeiten.

Eine klassische Gesichtsbehandlung beinhaltet ausserdem eine Gesicht-Hals-Dekolleté-Massage. 

Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir danach kein aufwendiges Make up oder eine Typberatung anbieten. 




Classic and Medical Facial 75 to 90 min.starting at150,-
Effect and Anti-Aging Treatment 75 to 120 min.starting at180,-
Classic Facial for Professionals in a Hurry 50-60 min.starting at120,-
Intense Cleansing 50 – 60 min 150,-
Intense Cleansing with Skin Analysis and Consultation. Skin History including Skin Diagnostics and Analysis of your Current Cosmetics. Subsequent Intense Cleansing (see above)  
Acne Toilette for Adolescents up to 17 years old 40 min 80,-
Skin Analysis and Intense Treatment (please come without make-up) 95,-
Facial Lymph Drainage 60,-
Eyebrow Tinting 40,-
Eyebrow Tinting CHF 15,- as an add-on treatment 15,-
Eyelash Tinting CHF 60,-
Eyelash Tinting CHF 25,- as an add-on treatment 25,-
Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting 70,-
Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting CHF 35,- as an add-on treatment 35,-
Eyebrow Pluckingstarting at30,-
Oil Wax or Sugaringstarting at30,-
Hair Removal with Wax or Sugaringstarting at40,-
Manicure only in Connection with Treatmentstarting at65,-
Pedicurestarting at80,-

Body Forming


VelaShape is the best option for your bodyshaping, circumference reduction, and anti-cellulite therapy.

Finally, a Solution with Nearly Instantaneous, Recognizable Results

VelaShape reveals, targets and improves problem areas without the use of a scalpel. It is recognized worldwide as the first non-surgical method of circumference reduction therapy, cellulite treatment, and skin tightening approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

VelaShape is unfortunately not a substitute for a proper diet and exercise. You will not see your desired results without eating the right carbohydrates such as fruit and vegetables, avoiding bad fats, and consuming enough protein. It does not matter what kind of therapy you undergo or what others tell you: You must diet and exercise properly! Questions about the proper diet and exercise are always welcomed!

The VelaShape® with ELOS technology simultaneously utilizes four different techniques during one treatment cycle:

Infrared light warms the top skin layers, increases the blood circulation to the skin, and destroys adipose tissue through an increase in temperature.
Radiofrequency waves produce a temperature increase deep in the tissue at up to 15 mm. These waves cause adipose tissue to melt.
A special, pulsating vacuum ensures the removal of unwanted tissue fluids.
Massage rollers flatten and preserve the skin by increasing blood circulation in connective tissue.

Combining these different techniques yields fantastic results. The skin itself is moistened with a solution containing caffeine in order to protect against high temperatures.

What does VelaShape improve?

VELA-treatments can be successfully used on the stomach, legs, or butt for the following reasons:

Improvement of the skin topography
Circumference reduction
Redistribution of fat (Bodyshaping) without excessive weight reduction
Smoothing of irregular skin contours and stabilization of the skin following liposuction

The Frigi-Thalgo Body Wrap

Cool wraps dipped in a camphor-menthol solution promote fat burning of cellulite and saddle bags while soothing symptoms caused by spider veins, varicose veins, and tired legs. Fat deposits in the stomach and hips, saggy tissue on the inner thigh; butt; or arms, and cellulite can noticeably improve. The effects of cold temperatures are medically proven. Fatty tissue can be melted via cold temperatures through cold-induced increases in metabolism and the accompanying calorie reduction.

Application: 1-2 times/week for 30 minutes.

Results: Circumference Reduction and an improved, tighter skin

Medical Treatments

MORPHEUS8 - was ist das?

Morpheus8 ist eine der modernsten Behandlung zur natürlichen Hautstraffung ohne OP.

Die effektive Behandlung aus zwei erfolgreichen Anwendungen kombiniert: Microneedling und Radiofrequenz.

Bei dem sogenannten Deep Needling mit Morpheus8 werden spezielle Nadeln, die einen Radiofrequenz-Wärmeimpuls abgeben, in den Tiefen der Haut eingebracht. Durch diese intensive wie schonende Behandlung können sich Kollagenfasern effektiver zusammenziehen, wodurch erschlaffte Haut und Knitterfältchen erfolgreicher reduziert werden.

Bei passender Indikation kann die Morpheus8 Behandlung an nahezu allen Gesichts- und Körperbereichen Bereichen eingesetzt werden, die von einer Hauterneuerung profitieren. Die am häufigsten behandelten Bereiche sind das Gesicht, die Augenpartie, der Bauch, die Oberschenkel und der Po.

Sehr gerne beraten wir Sie, welche Morpheus8 Behandlung die passende für Sie ist.

MORPHEUS8 - wie wirkt es?

  • Die Spannkraft deiner Haut verbessert sich
  • Deine Haut rekonstruiert sich
  • Die Tiefe deiner Falten wird deutlich minimiert
  • Deine Tränensäcke schrumpfen
  • Hängebäckchen werden gestrafft

Keine Ausfallzeiten

Sichern Sie sich jetzt einen Beratungstermin und lassen Sie sich auf die Warteliste setzen. Die Behandlung mit Morpheus8 wird nicht im Sommer durchgeführt.




Experience HydraFacial™

Through its use of vortex-technology, this exceptional, multifunctional device combines vortex technology with dermabrasion, deep skin cleaning, and dermalinfusion of antioxidants, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid with cold light and lymph drainage in one platform. See for yourself how your vivacious, healthy skin radiates outward.

Because HydraFacial™ is applicable for every skin type, it not only is highly effective in improving overall skin health but also improves other areas of skin health as well:

  • Elasticity and Tightness
  • Complexion Brightness
  • Uniformity of Skin Structure
  • Hyperpigmentation and Sun Damage
  • Oiliness / Clogged Skin
  • Expanded Pores
  • Advanced Aging in the Skin

You can find more information at:

Your skin has never felt this fresh…

With the simplest of elements—air and water—JetPeel® technology effectively cleans skin with a maximum velocity of 720 km/h and 100% pore coverage. Your skin will be fuller, rejuvenated and free of small wrinkles afterwards. You will also attain a healthy complexion. By mixing high doses of vitamins A + E, vitamin C, vitamin B5, or hyaluronic acid and allowing the mixture to painlessly infiltrate the skin up to 4.5mm deep, you will not only immediately see perfect treatment results without side effects and no recovery time but also collagen growth, improved skin perforation, and improved moisturization. Experience JetPeel® and become reinvigorated!

Immediate success is visible and increasingly permanent after the third treatment. Treatments are ideally undertaken in 1 to 2 week intervals. Three treatments usually suffice for long-lasting results. The Result: a fresh, clean, smooth, well perforated scalp skin characterized by more tension and a natural glowing effect.

The Most Important Applications of Jeetpeel® are:

Highly Efficient Anti-Age Treatment with Vitamins and Moisturizing Factors
100% Skin Cleaning with Water, Air, Saline Solution, and Glycolic Acid
Acne, Open and Closed Comedones, Unclean and Coarse Pores.
Small Wrinkles and Scars
Tired, Lacklustre or Pale Complexion
Hair Improvement, Hair Loss Prevention, Hair Quality

Hydrafacial and JetPeel® Combination

Experience the maximum effectiveness of cosmetic treatment without injections or pain.

This combination therapy targets problem areas and works against aging.

We first optimally prepare the skin with Hydrafacial and then apply JetPeel® to introduce the perfect balance of skin products, vitamins, and antioxidants deep into the skin.

Maximum results are reached following cosmetic treatment.


Face CHF 260,-

Face and Throat CHF 290,-

Face, Throat, and Décolleté CHF 340,-


A 10% discount is available with a subscription.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance produced by the body that is extraordinarily skin compatible, biosynthetically produced, and contains no animal components.

Its capacity to bind water enables the skin to increase its volume and tightness.

Through a thin needle, hyaluronic acid is administered directly under the undesirable wrinkles. A local anesthetic cream can be administered if necessary. We apply first-class, interconnected hyaluronic acid with fantastic skin compatibility and durability.

The smoothing effect is visible after the injection, and you will not have any restrictions to your everyday life following treatment. We recommend a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid serum from SkinCosmetic applied directly to the skin as follow-up therapy at home. Please take into account that all zones marked with * are provided at our partner medical practice in Kriens, Switzerland.

We treat the following areas:

Nasolabial Folds: Wrinkles that run from the nose to the corner of the mouth
Marionette Lines: Wrinkles that run on the side of the chin and originate from the corner of the mouth
Lip Volume (discretely), Lip Build, and Lip Wrinkles
Circles under the Eyes and Tear Lines
Hand Rejuvenation  
Complete Face Rejuvenation

Take your wellness treatments to the next level with the patented Mesogun individualized cocktails (e.g. gingko, hay flower, soy, and algae) with substances natural to the body (e.g. elastin, collagen, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, and coenzymes)! Gels containing hyaluronic acid with a combination of growth factors and enzymes are practically painlessly injected into your skin. All clients handle the injection well because of the one of a kind vacuum-pinhead-system. Local anesthetic can be administered upon request.

Pronounced wrinkles can be filled with hyaluronic acid following treatment.


Skin Touch Up
Skin Rejuvenation
Eye Wrinkles
Drooping Mouth Corners
Hand Rejuvenation
Throat and Décolleté
Hair Thickening


How long is the treatment effective?

Following 4 – 6 treatments at 7 – 14 days between treatments, clients usually require a few replenishments every year in order to maintain the treatment success.


What do I need to look out for?

You should not take aspirin or other anticoagulants five days before treatment. Treatments are not permitted during pregnancy or lactation periods.

PRP Vampire Lifting and stem cell therapy are done at our partner practice.

Alternatively, we offer treatments with a Dermapen.

We can thoroughly advise you on any treatment option.

A potent Cocktail designed to combat hair loss is injected directly into the scalp where it directly affects the hair roots. Hair growth is stimulated while hair loss is inhibited. The natural, potent cocktail consists of circulation promoting substances, growth factors, vitamins, and antioxidants that induce growth even in bald areas of the head.

Additionally, the thin needle causes small wounds that generate new hair follicles.

The first results are visible a few weeks after the first session. The newly formed hair is usually fuller and thicker.

The result – New Hair Growth at 80+ Years of Age

  • Reduction of hair loss after the third treatment
  • Regrown, healthier, and fuller hair after 2 to 3 months.
  • Even slightly pronounced cases of spot baldness are treatable.

Areas of Application

Promotion of Hair Growth
Development of New Hair Roots
Thickening of the Hair
Accelerated Hair Growth
Reduction of Sparse Spots

How many treatments are necessary?

The therapy requires patience. Approximately 10 treatments are necessary.

The first four treatments involve one session every week. Subsequent treatments are carried out every two weeks until only a monthly maintenance therapy is required.

Starting at CHF200,- per treatment, Subscriptions with a 10% discount (receding hairline) 1 mL

CHF250,-/2 mL for the entire head

Medical Microneedling with the original Dermapen4—a handheld electrical device –or the original Dermaroller® introduces the smallest of pricks in the skin connective tissue with a 2.5 mm long, thin, and fine titanium needle. The needle spots activate repair processes and the regeneration of new skin cells. The stratum corneum closes within minutes, and all microinjuries generally heal within 24 to 48 hours. Following treatment, proper sun protection (e.g. with SPF 50+) should be implemented to prevent hyperpigmentation. The connective tissue produces new collagen and elastin that specifically improves skin structure. This therapy is also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT). CIT evens out the complexion, refines the pores, and sustainably tightens tissues. A subsequent treatment regimen turns back the wheel of time and preserves improvements to the skin!

Although it is often advertised as such, cosmetic needling does not effectively treat scars and wrinkles. We only conduct cosmetic needling following JetPeel treatment or on the skin of the head.

Treatment Effects

Imbedded acne scars (e.g. boxcar or ice-pick) are perforated by treating scar tissue. Among other things, the generation and restructuring of collagen and vessels can fill out scars.
Recontouring of the face
Mesotherapy and rejuvenation of the skin through collagen production produces an evident anti-aging effect by introduction of substances such as hyaluronic acid or vitamins.
Treatment regimen of three treatments from four to six weeks.


Treatment Progression

The skin is treated at our practice following numbing with an anesthetic ointment.

The skin is subsequently reddened for one to two hours and treated with cold compresses so that the reddening cannot be seen anymore.

We use the Dermapen mainly for scars or acne. It can be used independently or in combination with mesotherapy, especially if an additional improvement in skin texture, refinement of the skin, and skin thickening is desired.

We will gladly consult you for treatment customization.

Compared to laser treatment that also generates collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, medical needling eliminates the danger of burning or discoloration of the skin so that you can reduce or eliminate recovery time. Light swelling occurs in some cases. The swelling in these cases subsides quickly. The only disadvantage of this treatment is that you must be patient until the effects become visible. In contrast to bolstering, lifting or treating with fillers, this process depends on rejuvenating the skin itself through innate processes of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid regeneration. That takes time. Before and after pictures will be taken.


Schmerzlos, Effektiv, Wirkungsvoll

Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach einer einfachen, aber effektiven Pflegebehandlung zur Revitalisierung Ihrer Haut sind, ist das PRX-T33 Peeling die perfekte Lösung. Es strafft schlaffe Haut sichtbar und gibt ihr ein frisches Aussehen zurück. Es reduziert auch das Erscheinungsbild von Akne und anderen Narben. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Hautpflegeprodukten verursacht es keine Photosensibilisierung. Daher kann es auch im Sommer bedenkenlos eingesetzt werden.
PRX-T33 nutzt eine ganz besondere Wirkstoffkombination, um schon bei der ersten Anwendung eine so erstaunliche Wirkung zu erzielen. Sie basiert auf den Substanzen Trichloressigsäure (TCA) und H202; TCA lässt H202 in die oberen Hautschichten eindringen, um dort den Regenerationsprozess auszulösen. Die Substanzen ergänzen sich in ihrer Wirkungsweise und regen zusätzlich die Kollagenbildung im Gewebe an. Daher wird in den Tagen nach dem Eingriff das pralle und straffe Aussehen der Haut weiter betont. Der andere Inhaltsstoff, Kojisäure, hat eine leicht aufhellende Wirkung. Die anfängliche Pigmentierung verschwindet daraufhin schnell.

Wie wirkt PRX-T33 genau?

PRX-T33 regt die Regeneration der Haut in tieferen Schichten an, ohne Schäden oder Beeinträchtigungen auf der Hautoberfläche zu verursachen.
Dazu muss das Produkt mit dem richtigen Druck und der richtigen Technik einmassiert werden, damit die Trichloressigsäure (TCA) in die Haut eindringt und die Hautregeneration in tieferen Schichten anregt, während es an der Oberfläche durch das im Produkt enthaltene Wasserstoffperoxid inaktiviert wird und somit keine oberflächlichen Hautschäden anrichten kann.
Die äußerste Hautschicht (Epidermis) schält sich deshalb auch nicht ab.
Ein erstes Ergebnis zeigt sich sofort nach der Behandlung: Es verbessert die Versorgung der Haut mit Feuchtigkeit, macht sie strahlender und strafft das Gewebe.
Die Haut sieht danach deutlich straffer und glatter aus.

Ein optimales Ergebnis zeigt sich nach mehreren Behandlungen, die jeweils in 7 – 14-tägigem Abstand stattfinden sollten. Wir empfehlen deshalb eine Kur. 
Für die Behandlung am Gesicht, Hals und Dekolleté werden 4 – 6

Behandlungen empfohlen,
Das Ergebnis hält – abhängig vom Hauttypus – mehrere Monate an. Eine neue Behandlungsserie wird nach mind. 6 Monaten wieder empfohlen.

Nebenwirkungen sind – bei entspr. Beachtung der Kontraindikationen – nicht bekannt.



Grossporige Haut und kleine Aknenarben
Alternde Haut und feine Fältchen
Hauterschlaffung, fahler Teint

Hyperpigmented Skin and Pigment Spots with Vascular Lesions

The benign skin changes are not medically concerning but are cosmetically unappealing. Our use of ELOS technology enables the destruction and removal of dark pigments. Expanded capillaries (i.e. Couperose) can also be treated. Fantastic side effects after healing include a visible strengthening and refinement of the skin.

The price for the removal of pigment spots is independent from the size of the position on the body.


This fractionated, ablative, and healing skin treatment with RF current (no lasers!) forms microscopic holes in the outermost skin layer.

Because of the sufficient depth of this technique, the current can reach the dermis. New collagen and elastin are produced during the natural wound healing process. The outer skin layer closes within a few hours and remains practically unscathed.

These results are supported by clinical studies. You can receive this treatment at our medical center. We recommend three cycles at monthly intervals. The advantage or difference to the CO2 Fraxel Laser is the drastically reduced if not absent recovery time.


Sublime is used to treat loose skin independently or before eMatrix.

The combined bipolar radiofrequency and infrared light of this technology precisely warm skin tissue and stimulate collagen production. This treatment is done at our medical center. A treatment regimen is recommended. The treatment is documented with photos.

The solution for even and tight skin

Dramatic Improvements to Wrinkles and Scars

Skin Tightening of the Chin and Neck Area
Small Folds of the Eyes and Mouth
Large Pores
Correction of Acne Scars
Treatment of Wrinkles and Folds
Complete Skin Restoration
Wrinkle Injection with Hyaluronic Acid  
Lip Augmentationstarting at400,-
Nasolabial and Marionette Wrinkles etc.starting at400,-
Regional Mesotherapystarting at200,-
Facial Mesotherapy 400,-
Face and Throat Mesotherapy 500,-
Face, Throat, and Décolleté 600,-
Mesotherapy Regimen 10% Discount Respectively  
Size-Dependent Hair Mesotherapy 200,-
Dermapen: The Solution for Acne Scars and Collagen Regeneration  
Regional One-Time Treatmentstarting at200,-
Complete Facial 400,-
Face and Throat 550,-
Face, Neck and Décolleté 750,-
with Spa Treatment 10% Discount  
with Spa Treatment and Meso 10% Discount  
Needling following JetPeel® 100,-
Fruit Acid Peeling  
One-Time 120.-
Treatment Regimen (6 Applications) 650,-
Couperose/Pigment Disorder with IPL or Laser  
Smaller Areas (up to 3)starting at80,-
Larger Areas (e.g. hand backside or face)starting at250,-
JetPeel® Cleansingstarting at180,-
JetPeel® based on Substance and Complexitystarting at240,-
Regional Ematrixstarting at250,-
Regional Sublime based on Complexitystarting at200,-
Hydrafacial based on Substance and Timestarting at160,-
Hydrafacial and Facial JetPeel® 260,-
Hydrafacial and JetPeel® of Face and Neck 290,-
Hydrafacial and JetPeel® of Face, Neck and Décolleté 340,-
Hydrafacial and JetPeel® Regimens (4x Treatment ) 10% Discount  

Hair Removal

We prefer sugar paste for small regions. It is gentle when applied, preserves tissues, and is recommended for sensitive clients.

We use Azuleen wax for larger regions such as the arms, legs, and back. It is easily tolerated.

Our prices for hair removal with wax or sugar depend on the time and material complexity of the procedure.

Our medical IPL and laser system—Emax with ELOS-Technology— combines radiofrequency current with optical energy in one pulse. Two energy forms are thus combined to personalize the long-term hair removal for your hair and skin.

Darker complexions can also be treated with this method. The face is treated every 4 to 8 weeks, the torso and back every 6 to 12 weeks, and the legs every 10 to 13 weeks. Because hair grows at different rates for different people, treatments are individualized.

Our ten-year experience, satisfied customers, and participation in continuing education seminars differentiate us from the competition. We work under physician supervision. We would love to get to know you during a free consultation.

Hair Removal with Wax or Sugar

Upper Lipstarting atCHF 30,-
Facestarting atCHF   40.-
Armpit/Bikinistarting atCHF   40.-
Half of the Leg/Armstarting atCHF   60.-
Entire Legstarting atCHF   80.-
Entire Leg with Bikini or Armpitstarting atCHF 100.-
Back/Breaststarting atCHF   60.-
Brazilstarting atCHF   60.-
Please understand that we charge based on time and the amount of material used. One hour of work can cost up to 150,- CHF under certain conditions and hair difficulties.

Long-Term Hair Removal

Upper Lip/Chin

per Treatment
Treatment Frequency: every 4 – 6 weeks

starting atCHF  90.-


per Treatment
Treatment Frequency: every 4 – 6 weeks

starting atCHF 160.-


per Treatment
Treatment Frequency: every 4 – 6 weeks

starting atCHF 190.-


per Treatment
Treatment Frequency: every 4 – 6 weeks

starting atCHF 200.-


per Treatment
Treatment Frequency: every 6 – 8 weeks

starting atCHF 400.-

Both Arms

per Treatment
Treatment Frequency: every 6 – 8 weeks

starting atCHF 400.-


per Treatment
Treatment Frequency: every 6 –  8 weeks

starting atCHF 400.-


per Treatment
Treatment Frequency: every 4 – 6 weeks

starting atCHF 250.-

Both Legs

per Treatment
Treatment Frequency: every 8 – 12 weeks

starting atCHF 750.-

Upper/lower Thigh, Arms

per Treatment
Treatment Frequency: every 8 – 12 weeks

starting atCHF 450.-

Wichtige Informationen

Hier finden Sie wichtige Informationen und Formulare die Sie zu bestimmten Behandlungen bitte mitbringen.

Aufklärung zur ELOS Haarentfernung, PDF

Aufklärung zur ELOS Hauttexturverbesserung, PDF

Aufklärung zum Ematrix/Sublime, PDF